The 8th Professional Canine Trainer Course〔P.C.T.C.〕2015

Hong Kong needs more outstanding and serious dog trainers,professional dog trainer program is designed to provide simulated field,for students to receive comprehensive learning elements and experience this professional career.At the beginning of this dog trainer course,a puppy will be provided as a training material,during the course,students need to take care of dogs,giving social education include getting along with peoples and among dogs,obedience training,collective management and mutual assistance between students’ ability,integrity,etc.

This dog trainer course is comprehensive and it is a solid program up to six months.The purpose is to make the level and attitude of trainers become professional in order to understand and learn the dog problems arising from physical and mental development in their growth stage.

Through a complete learning experience of this dog trainer course,students can workout an insistance on animal training and self-confidence,and ultimately to meet and confront the powerful of professional dog trainer career with a good start.

Course Project :

Professional dog trainer (Blue Patch)Students from the beginning to take care of the puppies,they learn to establish healthy relationships with dogs,the purpose is to make the student experience growing dogs physiological and psychological development of the complete process to obtain a working dog from the rearing,education to complete training experience. Course to be completed in six months of 300 hours.

To experience the whole term as a professional trainer,internship projects include :

Take care of the puppies independently,recording dogs health,learning to communicate with dogs along with teaching and training. By establishing a partnership of puppies and human in the future and the basis for learning trainers work ethics,etc.

Collective management include :

Kennel daily operation, the problems among dogs

Theory course include :

The expert knowledge of the training centers and kennel,such as the structure of kennels and training turf,construction and maintenance.

Dog social education catagory is to follow the world’s most effective CGC training program – “Canine Good Citizens”,curriculum content from theory to practical,from the materials to the participants arrangements with the aim of comprehensive and professional,hence [P.C.T.C. Blue Patch course] is a full and complete rear to become a professional trainer.

Experience training materials:

Belgian Shepherd Dog will be provided by the centre to the Blue patch trainees.

Experience training duration :

Six months of theoretical and practical training,a total of 300 hours.

Start Date              : 7th June 2015
Time                     : Every Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 6pm
Venue                   : Carver Kennel (Fanling District)
Pre-course session  :
7th June 2015 (Sunday) at 3pm (at Carver Kennel)
Course Fee            : Hong Kong Dollars of Fifty Eight Thousand Only.

                            (inclusive of training material & equipment)
Qualifications         : This course is certified by Professional Canine Trainers

                             Associations (P.C.T.A.) and awarded certificate.

After completion of the course,students are given priority to adopt the dog,each individual dog’s adoption fee is Hong Kong Dollars Forty thousand only.

For more information, click here.


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