Sit, Stay, Smile: The Story Behind an Instagram Hit

Sit down! We’re about to give you a treat.

If you aren’t aware, popular dog Instagram photographer The Dogist recently graced Hong Kong with his presence. While his trip was short, Localiiz caught up with the canine photographer to discuss his fluffy adventures.


Shedding light on the dog world, similar to the Humans of New York series, Philadelphia born Elias Weiss Friedman started The Dogist in October of 2013 to tell the story of New York in a consistently beautiful way. Instead of capturing humans as his subject, Friedman opted for a furry alternative.

“I started The Dogist about 10 months after traveling through Europe and realizing people liked my dog pictures more than anything else I was posting. I missed having a dog, so walking around New York City photographing and interacting with people and dogs seemed like an awesome concept. I’ve been posting 3-4 photos a day ever since,” Friedman tells Localiiz.

Friedman finds his fluffy subjects better to photograph than their human counterparts. “Whatever they’re feeling comes through the lens very candidly. Dogs are beautiful, funny, diverse and ubiquitous. They can change their mood in an instant, and I want to share that with the world.”

Judging from more than 1,300 photographs now posted on his account, he’s doing exactly what he set out to do.

Continue reading and view Dogist’s Hong Kong photos at Localiiz.


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