VIDEO: These Tasty Treats Turn Dog Poo Into Flowers!


HOV-HOV Dog Bakery, a small, boutique dog bakery in Slovenia, found a way to not only treat dogs with wholesome, nutritious snacks, but to make the landscape more beautiful, too!

They’ve always been committed to providing food and treats that add to the health and longevity of dogs, prepared with love and care. And now, they’ve found a way to show a little love to the environment – by creating a treat that, once digested and passed through a dog’s body, will grow into a beautiful flower.

They start with healthy, wholesome cookies, baked in their very own small bakery. After cooking, viable, edible seeds are added to the “Dog Pookies” that grow into plants and flowers just a few weeks after they’re eaten.

They’re made in three different flavors: Venison with Sunflower seeds, Tuna with Cannabis seeds, and Turkey with Flax seeds.

Would you feed your dog “Dog Pookies?”

While they’re currently made and sold in HOV-HOV bakeries in Slovenia, they do take international orders… anyone willing to give it a try?


Taken from Dogington Post.



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