Washing machine ‘dog killer’ threatens to strike again with sick Q+A game

A man who posted photographs of a dog churning in a washing machine on Facebook has now threatened to kill several dogs, sparking howls of protests from internet users.

The man, calling himself Jacky Lo, posted an update on the social networking site on Friday.

“I have six stray dogs with me,” he claimed. “I will ask a question every seven days. I will kill a dog if your answer is wrong, and release one if the answer is correct. The fate of the dogs will depend on you!”

The location and emotion tags on the page showed he was at Tuen Mun town centre, feeling “fabulous”.

Facebook disabled the page yesterday.

Lo posed the challenge to internet users of HKGolden.com, a major Chinese-language discussion forum whose members said they had found out his real name, address and age after he first drew publicity with his claims of dog abuse on August 12.

That Facebook post showed pictures of a small white dog being submerged in water and spun around helplessly in a washing machine. Lo wrote: “A super quick way to wash a dog: soak, clean and dry. All done. Clean and quick!” The words were accompanied by an emoji tag that meant “feeling content”.

He also said the dog had died.

After the police started investigating, the man claimed he had “returned to the mainland”.

With the latest update, which indicated he was back in town, web users are demanding that the police speed up their investigations.

Rebecca Ngan Yee-ling, spokeswoman for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said the group reported the latest Facebook comments to the police yesterday.

The SPCA referred 29 cases to the police last year. Sixteen of the cases went to court, with 12 resulting in convictions. Three defendants were sentenced to jail terms of two, four and eight months, respectively.

But it was difficult to pursue cases of animal abuse, Ngan said. “If I were killed, the police would check my friends and my Facebook. Animals do not have the same personal network.”

From SCMP.


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