Soy In Pet Foods: The Unwholesome Truth

If you ever travel the world you’ll find out that, after the weather, food is always the topic of conversation. Living by the Mediterranean back in the 90’s, one thing I vividly remember was being bombarded by so many different types of new foods; I wanted to try everything!

This article, however, is about one type of food that I particularly fell in love with.

My love for this member of the legume family started when my mom would crack open fresh soybeans and add them to all her delicious dishes. Back then, wonderful soy was sold in every fruit and vegetable stand along the side of every road. When buying produce, you would always grab fresh soybeans.

When I moved back to North America in the early 2000s, you might think soy and I broke up. On the contrary, I got to eat soy all the time. Not in its usual green state as I was accustomed to, but in a whole bunch of different forms: sauces, cheeses, and even a spongy substance that tasted like chicken called tofu! In fact, one of the main reasons I loved Chinese food was because I got to use soy sauce all the time.

There was a big buzz about “soy foods” at that time. You couldn’t switch to any channel on TV without hearing about the miracle protein source of soy. We were constantly blasted with all its benefits: High in Protein! Zero Cholesterol! Heart Healthy! Cancer Fighter!

I ate soy products every chance I got so that I could be “healthy.” And if I had had dogs back then – thank goodness I didn’t! – they would have been eating soy along with me.

A super health food… not. Or not anymore…..


Carry on reading at Dogs Naturally Magazine.


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