China’s State Media Criticize Hong Kong Dog Lovers As “Pupulist”

Dictionary of Politically Incorrect Hong Kong Cantonese

Pupulism China’s state media criticize Hong Kong dog lovers as “Pupulist” (Pup + Populist, 狗粹主義)

On Aug 24, 2014, China’s state media Global Times (環球時報) published an essay criticizing Hong Kong dog lovers as “Pupulists” (*Pup + Populist, 狗粹主義者) and warned that the spread of “Pupulism” can cost China dearly. The essay is widely condemned by Hong Kong netizens.

Today editorial from the Global Times: 90,000 Hongkongers protested against the death of a stray dog. Is this really a sign of civilization?

The death of a stray dog, which was accidentally killed by Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway (MTR), stirred up a surprising storm. Around 100,000 Hong Kong netizens signed a petition demanding MTR to give the dog justice. Within these two days, around one hundred Hongkongers protested on the streets. Several hundred Hongkongers went to the scene where the dog was killed to express their condolences. Under pressure, MTR operations director Kam…

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