Conversing With Canines

……Mylo’s vocabulary is probably limited to: food, wee, poo and sleep..!

The World In Words

Scientists at the AtireS Centre For Scientific Research claim to have communicated with canines in whats being hailed by observers as the first step towards a truly multicultural and inclusive future. The device used to facilitate the experiment is known to the team as the ‘Babbler’ and works by interacting with the subjects Broca area, the language centre of the brain, before transmitting the signals between the Babblers using the appropriately named ‘barkary’ code.


Preliminary tests appear to have been successful and a simple conversation between a human and a disgruntled Great Dame dog is reported to have taken place. The dog, named Hermes after the Greek messenger god, appears to have been most interested in discovering a self-sustainable source of food after being disappointed by irregular feeding times. It also questioned the reasoning behind what it sees as the collection and storage of dog faeces in portable bags and finally asked why it was wearing…

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