Take Way Better Photos of Your Dog

10 tips from photographer Grace Chon that will drastically improve your dog photos.

Ah, the quest for great photos of your dog, ones that capture just how adorable/goofy/sage/busy/sleepy/loved he is. Your dog, needless to say, is super photogenic, but, if you’re like most of us, attempts to capture those good looks on camera are often bedeviled by poor lighting, a cluttered background, and blurred motion. We asked the super-talented Grace Chon, an LA-based animal, lifestyle, and celebrity photographer, for 10 tips to drastically improve your dog photos. Get ready to wow your Facebook and Instagram followers with some really cute shots!


1 Follow the Light

“Always shoot where you get the best light. Usually this ends up being with your dog facing a window, which I like to call ‘glamour lighting’ because your dog ends up being evenly lit in the front and the background can drop off into darkness. Natural light is always much more important than location! If your place is nice and bright, try to keep indoor lights off to avoid having a sickly yellow colour-cast to your images.”


2 Models Like to Eat. Really.

“Forget dry dog biscuits! Use high reward treats like dehydrated meat snacks or boiled chicken breast. Always reward positive behaviour like sitting still or looking directly into the lens and give small morsels to keep the shoot fun and your pup motivated and engaged. Treats are great for controlling eye line too—hold it where you’d like your pup to be looking in the shot, and after a few frames pay your model for his hard work with a tasty bite. If you want your dog to look into the lens, hold the treat right above the camera lens. If you want him looking above or out of the frame, hold the treat where his eyes should be.”


Continue reading at Modern Dog Magazine.



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