The ultimate luxury dog paradise for HK$15.5 million

As man’s best friend, dogs holds an esteemed place in many households, so it’s no surprise that loving owners who can afford it will go to great lengths to make sure their pooch lives lavishly.

According to Wong, when designing a home for a dog, the aim would be to create a space that allows the homeowner and their beloved pet to coexist in an environment that is aesthetically and functionally pleasing for both. With this in mind, Wong created DOGBOX®.

Inspired by a series of modular booths that cater to specific functions – the potty, bath and grooming area, sleeping quarters, pantry for instance – DOGBOX® gives the owner the option of mixing and matching the various booths to accommodate their lifestyle and that of their dog’s, the size of their home, the size of their dog, or the number of dogs they own.

lux1 lux2

Continue reading at SCMP.


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