Sick: Hong Kong teen puts dog in washing machine and posts pictures on Facebook

Animal lovers (and anyone who isn’t completely evil) have been made sick to their stomachs after a Hongkonger, believed to be a super rich teenage Chinese immigrant, posted photos of his dog gasping for air in a washing machine.

Jacky Lo, who has also recently uploaded photos of himself with flash sports cars, Champagne and huge amounts of money, posted the pictures with the tagline: “A super quick way to wash a dog: Soak, clean, and dry. All done! Clean and Quick! — Satisfied”, according to a translation by the BadCanto blog.


He also reportedly admitted in a conversation on his timeline that the dog had died. The thread apparently goes as follows:

Agnes: Is the dog dead?

Lo: Yes! You wanna see it?

Agnes: OK! You’ll certainly get famous!

Lo: Whatever. I’ve nothing to be scared of.

Agnes: DON’T delete anything from your Facebook!!! Including THIS album!

Lo: I don’t care what you guys are going to do! Do I look like I’m afraid of you guys?

Agnes: That means you don’t think animal cruelty is a problem?

Lo: I don’t even think human cruelty is a problem, not to mention cats and dogs!

The shocking pictures, which are still in public view on Jacky’s timeline, have prompted concerned netizens to set up an online petition calling for Hong Kong authorities to investigate.

Comments on the Facebook page range from “Kill him now”, to “Bastard go to hell” and “Is there a worse way to fail, then to be the parent of this sub-human?”

Click here to sign.


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