China sees summer of dramatic dog rescues

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A spate of direct action from concerned individuals and local animal welfare groups over the summer of 2014 has been cited as a sign of China’s animal welfare consciousness awakening.

On 3 August, a group of dog lovers in Beijing spotted a truck loaded with over 400 dogs on the Jinha Highway. Concerned, the animal lovers gave chase. The truck, along with three others, was later found to be stocked with pet breeds like golden retrievers and huskies. The four trucks contained over 2,000 dogs. Many of the dogs were exhibiting obvious signs of disease while others had already died.

The drivers’ transport certificates turned out to be in violation of Ministry of Agriculture regulations and the people demanded action. Three officials from Wuqing Animals Sanitation Supervision Station were reprimanded and the dogs adopted by a variety of groups and individuals from Beijing and Tangshan.

Less than a week later, on 8 August, two trucks were intercepted by animal welfare groups headed for Tangshan city. Reports suggest that 700 dogs had been rescued, with support from the authorities.

By 11 August, animals welfare groups around the country were becoming more confident about acting on their principles. Trucks were stopped in both Yinkou and Yantai in Liaoning province as well Beijing and Dalian. Animals Asia understands that five owners found their pets on the trucks, while the Yantai Stray Animal Rescue Center confirmed that they had rescued 850 dogs.

Continue reading at Animal Asia.


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