The ugly truth about dog breeding business

If you pass by a pet shop, you can usually see cute puppies and kitties crawling over each other and playing in joyful abandon. The little bundles leave you transfixed and elevate your spirits, but do you know that many of the flurry friends actually come from a place akin to hell?

The death of Michelle the stray dog on MTR tracks has raised public awareness in Hong Kong about animal rights issues. Now, bad practices in the pet breeder business are coming into the spotlight.

Purebred pups can fetch prices ranging from HK$3,000 to HK$10,000 (US$1,290) at pet shops, but it is unbelievable how breeders would treat the animals’ parents.

Last week, Linda Cats and Dogs, a local non-profit organization, was informed by some volunteers that a local breeding operation was set to go out of business.

Several large and small dogs were waiting to be rescued, or else they would face death, the activists noted, according to Hong Kong Animal Post.

The animal volunteers made efforts to persuade the breeder to hand over to them what he deemed as ‘useless’ animals. They eventually succeeded in rescuing 11 small size dogs, and later took them to vets for further examination.

The veterinarian said most of the animals that came out from breeder organizations suffered serious health conditions, largely due to extremely poor living conditions.



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