The Establishment of Hong Kong Police Dog Unit

Taken from Hong Kong Police Force.


In 1949 when it became apparent that dogs would be useful in policing the Border Area. Four Alsatian patrol dogs were purchased and a civilian trainer recruited. These dogs were used solely in the New Territories, and were kennelled in Fan Gardens located at the old New Territories Police Depot, Fanling.

After the scheme was proved to be successful, a decision was then made to expand the Unit and establish a Headquarters at the Pat Heung Police Station, Yuen Long in 1956. The Unit subsequently moved to Ping Shan Police Station in 1964 when further expansion required additional facilities. There it stayed until 1995 when it was re-located to the former British Army barracks in Queen’s Hill Camp, Fanling. In 2001 the PDU moved to its Provisional Headquarters at Cheung Yip Street in Kowloon Bay. At the end of 2003, the PDU finally moved into its new Headquarters at Sha Ling in the North District. The new PDU Headquarters complete with an office block, a medical centre for police dogs, indoor training area and an outdoor training pitch. The extensive ground allows all police dogs to undergo the widest possible range of the latest training. With only four police dogs when it first started, the PDU has developed into a mature unit with more than 100 police dogs in active service today.





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