Lost: Dash


Help, Please! Dash is lost. We were hiking home on Sir Cecil’s Ride and two unleashed dogs attacked him. Dash ran away and jerked the leash out of my hand. I ran after him, but couldn’t catch up to him and he disappeared. I spent a few hours looking for him and then I went and got Goldie to help me, but we were unable to find him. He disappeared on Sir Cecil’s ride near Braemar Hill just above the Chinese International School. I know a lot of my Hong Kong friends hike up in that area and have friends that hike up in that area. If you would please share Dash’s picture and this location with your hiking friends and ask them to share it as well, it would be greatly appreciated. When Dash is no longer frightened he is going to come out of hiding and try to find his people and it would be nice if someone who knew his story found him. He is a Welsh Springer Spaniel and very friendly. His blue leash was still attached to his blue and red collar when he ran off, though he may have slipped his collar if the leash got caught in the underbrush. He is chipped and we have reported him missing to the Agricultural Bureau. Thank You all for any help you can give us in finding him!

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