HKDR: Fund Raising Gala Dinner


Following the huge success of HKDR’s previous two years’ themed Gala Dinner fundraising events (Viva Paws Vegas and The Dogfather), we move into a different era for this year’s Saturdog Night Fever, one of tight satin shirts, flares and funky hairdo’s.

To the background beat of the Bee Gees’ best known hits, guests can enjoy pre-dinner cocktails while having fun with the many side entertainments, or checking out the fabulous auction items for both live and silent auction later on in the evening.

During the delicious 3-course dinner, incredible live acts courtesy of the Venetian in Macau will thrill and entertain, along with the inimitable Ms Pinky who is back for another year due to public demand.

Move with the groove and the glitterballs, and get those dancing shoes ready for a night to remember.

As in previous years, Saturdog Night Fever‘s primary goal is to raise HKD One Million to support our ongoing daily operation.



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