HKDR: Bark Park Fun Day!

Bark Park

Hong Kong Dog Rescue will be holding our “Bark Park Fun Day” on 21st September at Central Harbourfront Event Space! Please come and join our eight exciting competitions for your dogs and let your dog show their talent !

1) Best Veteran (Dogs aged 10+)
2) Best Stay 
3) Best Kid Dog Handler (Under 16 with their dog, under 10 to be accompanied by an adult)
4) Waggiest Tail
5) Bushiest Tail
6) Best Kisser
7) Fastest Ice Cream Eater
8) Agility Competition

To enroll into the competition, please email to with your name, your dog’s name and the competition your dog would like to enter. For the Best Kid Dog Handler, please also provide the child’s name.

*Limited space for each category

救狗之家將於九月二十一日於中環海濱活動空間舉行”狗狗樂滿Fun”活動! 我們誠意邀請你和你的狗狗一起參與八個精彩的比賽,譲你的狗狗大顯身手!

1) 最佳老將 (狗狗年齡十歲或以上)
2) 最有耐性狗狗
3) 最佳小孩領狗員 (十六歲以下及狗狗,十歲以下需由成人陪同)
4) 最搖擺尾巴
5) 最毛茸茸尾巴
6) 接吻能手
7) 鬥快吃雪糕
8) 最敏捷狗狗

報名方法:請電郵主人及狗狗的名字和參賽項目到 。如欲參加最佳小孩領狗員比賽, 請同時提供小孩的名字。



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