Stanley Plaza PAWS by the Sea 2014

Guinness World Record™ Official Attempt for the 4th Year Running


​PAWS by the Sea 2014, the largest pet extravaganza in Hong Kong, will be hosted for the 4th consecutive year at Stanley Plaza. In support of the 85th National Dog Week, an annual celebration of canine friends held in the 4th week of September, special workshops will be conducted on 21, 27 and 28 September respectively to proclaim animal care and responsible pet ownership.

In line with the theme of “Doggie Hero”, doggies and their owners will be invited to don their favorite superhero outfits and enjoy a series of interactive programmes, including the “Super Hero Styling Competition”.
Following the tremendous successful Guinness World RecordsTM achievement for the “Largest Dog Grooming Lesson” last year, Stanley Plaza will once again join hands with canine friends to challenge the “Most dogs balancing a treat on the nose”. Dog owners and their pets will have the opportunity to dress up as superheroes and take part in this memorable event of international significance; certificates of appreciation will also be presented to all participating doggies to commemorate this special occasion.
Dog lovers would not want to miss the Doggie Communication Workshop, where Qualified Animal Communicators will host live one-to-one pet communication sessions on how to bond with our canine friends. The Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Services (HKSEDS) team will also offer a glimpse into the daily routine of a professional seeing eye dog, one of many canine companions that serve the visually-impaired community.

Find out more here: LINK


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