Rainy Day Activities

There are some days you just can’t let your dog outdoors in the rain in Hong Kong. I’m not talking about the mild showers we used to get back in UK, but the downpours that occur in Hong Kong when the amber, red or black rain warnings are issued by the HK Observatory. I tried several times letting Mylo out in amber rain, he just came back indoors after a few seconds. So what can you pet dog do staying indoors on a rainy day?


On those rare occasions when San Diego gets a few rainy days in a row, it can not only put a damper on our daily plans, but also wreak havoc on our dogs’ behavior as well.  When dogs are used to going out for daily walks or are true weekend warriors, and then experience a change in routine, many dogs can become destructive, out of control, and simply unruly!  Well, think of the energy level of the typical active toddler that has been cooped up for a while and you will have a better idea of what you are dealing with…..they need to get out!

So what to do?  Here are a few quick indoor games you can play with your dog that will not only exhaust them physically, but will challenge them mentally, resulting in a tired pooch.

Continue reading at Out n About Dog Training.


Or how about these 10 tips by Dogster?


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