Pet Activity Trackers Part 2: Whistle

Last week, I covered a pet activity tracker called Tractive, little did I realize at the time how many different types of these trackers are out on the market. This article will look at a rather sleek looking design called Whistle.






Whistle is an activity monitor much like those you get for us humans such as Fitbit or Jawbone Up. They have designed a very attractive sensor which clips onto your dog’s collar.


whistleThe Whistle Activity Monitor is a health tracker for your dog. It attaches to any collar and measures your dog’s activities, giving you a new perspective on day-to-day behavior and long-term trends.


Unlike Tractive, Whistle has developed 2 separate trackers, one for activity and one for GPS. This activity tracker is priced at US$129, its slightly more expensive than its competitors, but it does not require you to pay for a monthly subscription.

By keeping track and logging your dog’s daily activity and inputting his diet, you can keep tabs on any health trends. Other functions include being able to log any medication taken, send to smartphone any updates, set goals such as minimum activity every day.


The other product released by Whistle is the Whistle GPS.


WhistleGPS is the smallest, longest-lasting and most affordable pet location and activity monitor available. Know where your dog is and see their daily adventures directly on your phone.

Currently priced also at US$129, its pre-order only at the moment I’m afraid, and won’t be shipped to you until summer 2015, and then you’ll be charged with a US$5 monthly subscription fee.



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