Hundreds stage funeral procession for dog killed by MTR train

Following on from a recent news article how a stray dog was killed by a MTR train in Hong Kong, many have voiced out against the MTR and have stage a funeral protest.


Hundreds of people turned up to mourn a dog killed after straying onto railway tracks on Wednesday, as pressure built on the MTR Corporation to take responsibility and avoid a repeat of the case.

They gathered dressed in black at Sheung Shui MTR station, where the dog was first spotted, before proceeding like a funeral procession to Fanling, where the dog was run over by a train from Shenzhen.

Amid a heavy police presence, they carried flowers and tied ribbons to the fence in remembrance of the dog. They say MTR staff should have held the intercity train and coaxed the animal off the track.

“It’s about the lack of respect for life,” said one tearful participant, Eleanor Yuen Chan-lai. “I’m most angry about how the MTR handled the situation. This could’ve been avoided, but they did not value life.”

The dog’s death has sparked a petition signed by more than 90,000 people, and a protest outside MTR Corp headquarters.


Continue reading at SCMP.


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