A fruitful day in Yuen Long – Super food for Mylo

Having not visited Yuen Long for a while, and being my day off, I decided to pop into Yuen Long to dig around and see what I can uncover.

First off, I don’t know whats been happening in all the convenience shops and news stands around where I live, but it seems impossible to get hold of any Hong Kong pets/dogs magazines in the last few months. I can’t read Chinese, but there’s so much graphical information in them, opening up a new world of pet keeping in Hong Kong. So one the first things I did when I arrived in Yuen Long was pick up several of these magazines.

Then it was time to look around the pets stores, and trust me, Yuen Long has hundreds of them. Nearly every backstreet will have either a shop selling pet food, accessories or a grooming parlor. With temperatures starting to hit 33C, and with more and more people out on a Sunday afternoon, it wasn’t too long before I had to call it quit……there’s just too many of these shops to see! We did manage to bump into a couple out buying pet accessories accompanied by their 3 King Charles Cavalier Spaniels!

So finally, it was time to go to visit one of Yuen Long’s wet market, Tung Yik Market, as Yuen Long wet markets are renowned in Hong Kong for selling everything super cheap. Apart from filling a rucksack full of fruits and veg for myself and the missus, I bought ingredients to make some super food supplements for Mylo: tripe, pig’s liver, eggs and sardines. A plate of sardines (with at least 10 small sized ones) was HK$10, a medium chunk of pig’s liver was HK$5 and a medium slice of tripe was HK$15!

When I got back to flat, it was time to prep the ingredients by giving them a good wash, descale the sardines, filleting and slicing:



Whilst prepping, Mylo smelt the yummy food and was constantly begging for some! Add to these ingredient 2 raw beaten eggs, and divided into portions in zip lock bags:



Due to amount of fatty contents of the sardines, these portions will be fed to Mylo once every other day. Unfortunately, I don’t have a mortar and pestle at this moment, else I would have ground up some of the otherwise discarded egg shells into powder and added it to the mixture for an added dose of calcium.


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