More doggy mooncakes!

Just over a week has passed since my article on doggy mooncakes, more of these canine yummy offerings has appeared on the internet.


First off we have Y2Cakes offerings of Pumpkin and Figs, Strawberries and Blueberries, Banana and Cranberries, and Purple Yam and Cheese!!


Next we have Rainbow Delight Yummy:


It is a Chinese tradition for family reunion in Mid-autumn.  How can our lovely dogs miss this celebration?  Here is our Dog Moon Cakes!  These cakes are made by all natural ingredients including yam, pumpkin, chicken, egg, tapioca and oat flour.  They are wheat, corn, soy and oil FREE; all home made without preservatives!  We use bright orange pumpkin as egg yolk, yam and chicken as lotus paste, even human can have a bite.  Dog lovers should get some to share the joy with your dogs!
Each box has 4, each weights approximately 45g.
Minimum order after Mid-Autumn Festival is two boxes.



One must not forget Three Dogs Bakery:





And finally we have Dogaroo:

doga1 doga2


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