Pet Activity Trackers Part 1: Tractive

Recently at work, we discussed various apps on an iPhone and their benefits to individuals, one of which was Pet Manager Pro. This got the gadget nerd inside of me itching, so after I finished work that day I started looking into similar products out on the market right now designed for dog, or pet, owners. Over the course of this month, and probably into the next, I will be covering several of these pet activity trackers out on the market right now.

tractive logo

First off, the aforementioned Pet Manager Pro app is written by Tractive, and of course produces the GPS and activity tracker to pair with the app itself.


The tracker itself is on the big size, you I wouldn’t think you would want to attach it to say a chihuahua’s collar. The technical specifications do say its recommended for pets over 4.5kg (9lb). Taking 2 hours to charge, the tracker then has battery life of 2-5 days.

The smartphone app itself comes in 2 varieties, a lite version and a pro version. The lite version is free to download, with the pro version costing US$4.99. The restrictions on the lite version are you can only store info on 1 pet (unlimited for the pro version), and you cannot set several customizations, such as breed and behavioral patterns. I have downloaded the lite version of the app, and the user interface is very appealing and responsive, but here’s the kicker: not only will you have to buy the tracker unit (at 199.99 Euros), you also need to pay a monthly subscription fee of 4.99 Euros…..!



Now, on the website it does day its does instant tracking, but with all things GPS with smartphones, in my experience there has always been a few minutes of delay and the accuracy is not the greatest. Reading through some the app’s reviews the accuracy issue is apparent some users, as the accuracy was anything up to a 150m radius…….


Also on Tractive’s website is product called Pet-Remote:icon_remotePet-Remote works in combination with a free App for iOS and Android and communicates with Bluetooth Smart. Pet-Remote is no shock-collar – it definitely won’t hurt your beloved dog! We simply use vibration which your dog can feel and react to it.

Coming in at 29.99 Euros, this gadget helps you train, and control, your dog via vibrations sent to the Bluetooth gizmo attached to your pet’s collar.



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