Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Well, I had to talk about a bit of Mylo’s breed…….


Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are happy as city or country dogs. Their gentle nature also makes them excellent therapy dogs. The breed became a TV star when featured on Sex and the City as Charlotte York’s dog. Their mouth differs from the King Charles Spaniel: the Cavalier appears to be smiling, with its mouth turned up, while the King Charles’s mouth turns down.


The moderately long and silky coat of the Cavalier, which is usually found in solid ruby, black and tan, parti-colors Blenheim (white and ruby) and tricolor (black, tan, and white), may be slightly wavy. A characteristic of this breed is that its feet have long tufts of hair. A sweet and gentle expression is also typical of the breed.

The Cavalier’s moderately-boned and slightly long body makes it a regal and elegant toy spaniel. It has the structure of a working spaniel but is slightly smaller. The dog’s gait, meanwhile, is free and elegant, with a good drive and reach.


The Cavalier is very friendly towards other pets, dogs, and strangers. When it is outdoors, its true spaniel nature takes charge and it is fond of exploring, chasing, and sniffing. This playful, sweet, gentle, quiet, and affectionate dog is always willing to please. In many ways, the Cavalier makes a perfect house pet.


Read more at PetMD


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