Big dogs suffer as Hong Kong status symbols

Forget jewels, watches and fast cars. In Hong Kong, giant dogs are must-have status symbols.

Large dogs — Siberian Huskies, German Shepherds, Vizslas and Tibetan Mastiffs — are highly coveted and considered symbols of prosperity in the Chinese territory.

“People who have say, a St. Bernard — you can see these people strutting around, so proud they have this dog,” said Sally Andersen, founder of Hong Kong Dog Rescue.

“It’s like buying a designer label; it’s a status thing,” she said. “It makes them feel good in the same way that men like to drive Ferraris and Maseratis.”

Huskies — a common sight in the city — can easily sell for more than $1,000, while the price for an exotic Tibetan Mastiff can top $1 million.

These dogs are more than just furry slobber-machines. Having a big dog signals the owner is wealthy enough to afford an equally giant home.

Going big isn’t cheap: Luxury apartments in Hong Kong are roughly twice as expensive as in New York City. And the average sale price on a standard 400 square foot apartment in the city is $650,000.


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