The Pending Health Epidemic for Dogs: Unhealthy Homemade Dog Food

Another brilliant blog article by Dr. Ken Tudor of Dog Food Matters.

Dog Food Matters

In and earlier blog I featured a story of an English Bulldog that was admitted to an emergency referral veterinary hospital in congestive heart failure. The reason for the heart failure was a lack of the amino acid taurine in his diet. His owners had been feeding a vegan, hypoallergenic recipe that they found on the internet for the previous two years.

I recently talked to an emergency hospital veterinarian who said she was seeing an increasing number of puppies that were suffering skeletal problems due to inadequate homemade diets. The puppies are so calcium depleted that their bones are like rubber and they cannot play, walk or even eat. The condition called osteomalacia is so severe in many of her cases, that she has been forced to recommend euthanasia to alleviate suffering that can’t be reversed by calcium supplementation. It is simply too late to overcome the months of…

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One thought on “The Pending Health Epidemic for Dogs: Unhealthy Homemade Dog Food

  1. Yes agreed that homecooked diets often lack the wholesome nutrients needed for the dog 😦 we didn’t realise that Cotton’s diet was lacking calcium until a few months back, so now we have added eggshell powder to her meals, after calculating the rough amount of phosphorous in her diet!

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