2014 Autumn Festival Mooncakes

Its coming up to that time of the year again with the Autumn Festival on 8th September, when we munch on those sugar loaded mooncakes!!!

First off, the SPCA have a charity mooncake promotion:

SPCA partners with KeeWah Bakery and CO1 School of Visual Arts again to launch the healthy and delicious low sugar mooncakes. CO1 students took part in a Mooncake Packaging Design Competition themed “Respect for Life, Begins with Concern for Animals”. These mooncakes are yourperfect choice to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival whilst supporting animal welfare work and bring animals a better tomorrow!


More information here.


But what about for your dog (and Mylo)? PetProject to the rescue!


Don’t forget your dog this Mid-Autumn Festival. PetProject.HK has teamed up with local vendors to bring you yummy mooncakes for your best friend.




1 Mooncake- $38
2 Mooncakes- $70
4 Mooncakes- $120

Potato+Chicken – 薯仔雞肉
Potato+Pumpkin – 薯仔南瓜
Potato+Salmon – 薯仔三文魚
Pumpkin+Tuna – 南瓜吞拿魚

Order by 16 September

More information here.


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