Petworld Resort: Hydrotherapy and Fitness Health Care Center

PetWorld Resort mission is to provide an exciting, social experience, safe and fun environment for dogs and dog owners; to create a new standard for dog care, one that includes unbeatable measures to ensure the health and safety of our dogs. We stay committed to a standard of excellence and go one step further in creating a dog heaven that is connected to a dog’s natural and instinctual environment.

We hope to further the bond between humans and dogs, by providing excellent services that dogs of all breeds and sizes requite. As well as providing education for humans, in the proper care and training of their dogs. Last, but the most importantly, we believe in having fun and providing peace of mind…”A place to play and a place to stay”



Petworld Resort


Hydrotherapy utilizes the properties of water, such as buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, viscosity and resistance to improve physiological functioning. Both of our hydrotherapy modalities, resistance pool and underwater treadmill, offer a controlled yet challenging environment that provides an optimal setting for cardiovascular coniditiong and physical rehabilitation.

Our underwater treadmill is the first and only of its kind in Hong Kong, imported from Germany.

It uses water to enable the dog to move or exercise its muscles and joints whilst its body weight is supported. The treadmill is particularly useful if dogs are sore or lam when trying to walk. Lame dogs lose muscle, so our treadmill is an easy, affordable way to help your dogs to build muscle.



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