China: Increasing involvement of dogs as part of security enhancement

More than 4,000 police dogs will be deployed nationwide to the frontlines to fight violent and terrorist activities, a senior official from the Ministry of Public Security said.

Amid an upgrading of national public security and counterterrorism operations, the number of police dogs is far from enough, said Cong Min, director of the police dog technical training department of the ministry’s criminal investigation bureau.

Currently, 15,000 police dogs, including seven breeds such as the German shepherd, Labrador and springer spaniel, most of which were imported from Europe, have been working with police officers to combat criminal activities including terrorism.

“The latest 4,000 elite police dogs are receiving special training in four national training bases, including Kunming, Nanchang, Nanjing and Shenyang. After receiving a minimum of two months’ training, they will accompany police officers to fight terrorism,” he said.

Police officers will attend the training with their canine partners to build rapport. After passing the relevant assessment, the dogs will be certified and deployed on missions.

The special training mainly includes searching for drugs and explosives, hunting and arresting suspects, conducting patrols, identifying suspicious odors, sniffing out criminal evidence and taking part in rescue missions, Cong said.

“The trained police dogs, with their keen sense of smell and other capabilities, form part of a powerful arsenal to fight crime. They play an essential role in combating terrorist attacks,” said Du Yichao, a senior official from the ministry’s criminal investigation bureau.



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