Positive Partners Dog-Human Training Course with HKDR

Having a dog means you are now parents of a 2-year-old child! Parenting a dog can be a hugely rewarding and enjoyable experience, but it also brings responsibilities. Teaching is among your parenthood duties and training him/her with essential life skills is the best thing you can do to guarantee a happy and harmonious life with your dog!

Who said training must be stressful and boring? This course is meant to be interactive, fun and inspiring! We aim at coaching the human parents to UNDERSTAND and COMMUNICATE with their 4-legged friends, and to MOTIVATE them to voluntarily offer good manners and blend happily with their family and the human world.

Our coaching focuses on the use of positive reinforcement and its application in daily life, which not only strengthens the partnership between dog and human, but also equips the human parents with lifetime skills to guide their 4-legged friends even after this training course.



HKDR Positive Partners





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