Hong Kong police dog dangerous provocation drunk finger bitten off spot was scared sober

BEIJING, Aug. 4 , according to Hong Kong, ” Wen Wei Po ” reported , Wyndham Street, Central , Hong Kong provocation occurred drunk dogs bite injury risk is an event . Yesterday, a middle-aged Chinese (3 ) morning drunk in the club underwent a street wandering , during which refused to obey a police dog handlers advised to return the pavement , and “finger means” to challenge the police dog , police dog touches the emotional results , spot before biting their fingers flutter insurance , drunk was scared to live ” sober Huihun ” dare misbehave , no subsequent events and want to pursue declined medical examination.

Incident occurred about 4:00 yesterday morning , a police dog handlers with dogs the same head in Lan Kwai Fong area patrol , when after a near 60 Wyndham Street , found surnamed Huang ( 47 years old ) man suspected in the vicinity after the club got drunk, being covered with the alcohol in the street wandering , like a very dangerous , Huang came and advised to return the pavement .

On-site sources, although it was the face of police advice , but do not appreciate, police officers and police dogs to find fault with a reverse curse . Meanwhile someone close hand pointing to the dogs more aggressive , results touched canine emotions, misunderstandings yellow make attacks immediately “bark ” fierce barking , and then counterattack mouth bite , bite yellow fingers are in danger .

Upon seeing the police dogs to stop the attack immediately , after questioning the victim situation under control . Risk being left on their own after the yellow dogs bite finger on the spot scared to alcohol totally disappeared , reply sober , after examination confirmed no apparent injuries finger , he eventually declined medical examination, nor desire to pursue the event , so that the police registration data .




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