Animal Friends Charity Organisation

Animal Friends is a current Hong Kong registered non-profitable charity organization (91/11066). Our motto is to provide care and needed treatment to the stray dogs and cats in Hong Kong, and our main objective is to humanely control the population of these stray animals by means of desexing.

Many dogs and cats living at the warehouses, construction sites, outdoor car parks and villages in the New Territories are often kept for the purpose of guarding or pest control. Their keepers often pay no medical attention when these animals get sick, or injured through car accidents or fights. The animals are mostly neglected and malnourished. Hunger and mating desire make them roam around to search for food and mating partners. Unfortunetely, these animals are not desexed, and numerous puppies and kittens are born each year.

Animal Friends proactively reaches out and searches for the animals in need of help. Currently, We provide free desexing surgeries to 160-200 animals per month. Have them desexed dramatically reduces the number of animals being born each year.

We also aim to educate the keepers on the proper care and treatment, thereby improving the animals’ overall welfare standard in the long term.

Animal Friends Charity Organization HK

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