Some more HK Doggy websites

I have yet to be able to read Chinese, let alone master it, so I know that there is a ton of information and news out there about dogs in Hong Kong, but have yet to uncover them.

To be honest, uncovering English websites can be a bit of a hit and miss, I have to rely on personal recommendations, magazine adverts with weblinks and trawling through pages and upon pages of Google search results.

Here’s are last weeks’ search efforts…..



Kirsten’s Zoo

“Kirsten’s Zoo is a non-profit organization created to rescue dogs, cats and other animals who are suffering on the streets, in shelters and even in homes. We place all our animals in temporary foster homes until we can find them permanent, loving families. Whilst in foster we give them full medicals and any treatment or vaccinations they require.

We are continually looking to home our dogs and cats and we invite you to inquire about the animals we have in our care, all of whom are looking for someone to offer them the love and attention they crave and so deserve. We hope you will find the time to look at our Facebook page and website.

Our goal is to educate people on the importance of companion animals in our society and to stop the cycle of animal neglect and abuse.
We are 100% run by unpaid volunteers and rely on donations and contributions from the public to help us pay the medical costs for all our animals.”

With less coverage than more well known non-profit organizations for dog rescues such as HKDR and SPCA, Kirsten’s Zoo and their supporters have been making their own effort into finding homes for rescued pets.

The blog they have on their website is not the most up to date, but some entries are very informative (such as adoption days), and you can donate via Paypal directly on their site.






A website to register as a pet-sitter, or those requiring pet-sitting service or home boarding. Through their site you can find pet-sitters located near to you, and read through their reviews before contacting them. A very refreshing and clean layout to the website, reminiscent of other database websites such as AirBnB.

They have even released an iOS and Android app if you choose to access their online database via a mobile device.






Packed full of dog-related articles, upcoming dog events and tips, this is a very useful site to bookmark.

Their most interesting section is ‘Ask a Vet’:

“Ask a Vet is a weekly advice column written by local vet Dr Matthew Murdoch, the principal veterinarian at Homevet. He has almost 15 years of experience as a Veterinary clinician, half of this in the UK and half of it in Hong Kong, mostly working for large veterinary groups or with specialists.He is very proficient in latest medicine and surgical techniques and has worked as a Senior Vet in Hong Kong clinics for the last 8 years.”


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