People’s Daily Rails Against Symptom of Western Penetration: Dog Ownership

“In recent years, China has experienced a massive boom in the number of proud pet owners and fluffy dogs walking its cities’ streets. And the Chinese Communist Party evidently isn’t so pleased about it.

On Tuesday, the party’s national newspaper penned a commentary that hammered against the phenomenon of inconsiderate pet owners, describing China’s current “dog infestation” as “a reality we can’t ignore.”  In the past, the paper wrote, it was mostly people in villages and farms who kept dogs as guard animals. The more recent urban trend of keeping dogs as pets, it wrote, could be attributed to influences from the West.

“The number of pet dogs has grown at an alarming rate in the past ten to twenty years, and no matter which city or district you’re in, it has become difficult to find a place without dogs,” ran the commentary, published by the People’s Daily. Many dog owners are lacking in the courtesy department, said the People’s Daily, in a piece was accompanied online by five letters from the public complaining about their ruff encounters with socially inept canines and their obtuse owners.”


Wall Street Journal


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