Five Things To Do If Your Dog Needs Cage Rest

Back in UK, Mylo did have a cage which the missus padded out with lots of toys, but he never really used it, let alone sleep in it. The only usage out of the cage was when we need to keep Mylo out of way during cleaning or decorating, or during the flight to Hong Kong. He’s had his odd injuries to his legs, but I guess he’s been lucky enough not to have needed any cage rest.


“Few things are worse than hearing the vet say those dreaded words: “Cage Rest.” Most often the consequence of an injury or major surgery, it means your dog must be kept under tight restrictions – in a crate, out to relieve herself on leash only, and then back in her crate. Running, jumping, and playing are strictly prohibited; even excessive walking is frowned upon. To make matters worse, this period of restricted activity is sometimes prescribed for as long as four to six weeks. Most of our dogs barely get enough exercise as it is . . . How do you keep a young, active dog under wraps for a whole month or more? Boredom is your biggest enemy. Here are some suggestions to help you through the dark days:”


Whole Dog Journal


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