What Are Trace Minerals and Does Your Homemade Dog Food Have Enough?

OK, I put my hand up, I’m not very good with tracking whats sorts of trace minerals my body needs, and there has been the odd occasions when I have been hospitalized because of so and so deficiency…..

With that in mind, have you ever thought about what trace minerals your dog needs? And does he/she get enough?

Dog Food Matters

How would you react if you veterinarian told you your dog’s illness was caused by a lack of the tiniest amount of a certain mineral? You would be devastated. Trace minerals are essential in small quantities in the body. Because requirements are so small for these minerals, they are often called micronutrients. But although they are micro, they are mighty and necessary for proper body function. Trace mineral deficiency is not uncommon in homemade dog food.

  Foods vary tremendously in the amounts of trace minerals they contain. Foods are often described as “rich in zinc or iron, etc.” but that does not mean they are adequate.

  Copper  Copper’s has many important body functions.

  • It aids the intestinal absorption of iron from the diet
  • It helps red blood cells use iron to form hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is necessary to carry oxygen to all of the body’s cells.
  • It is also important for blood coagulation to prevent blood loss
  • It is important in the function of the immune system to fight infection
  • Cooper is necessary for the structural strength of…

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