How to Judge the Best Dog Food: It is Child’s Play, Really

Dog Food Matters

Do you remember that stage in your child’s life when they asked “but why” or “how” to every questioned you answered for them. Remember how the chain would go on and on as they tried to process and categorize the information. In this age of information overload we can learn a lot from our children’s interrogation methods. This is especially true when it comes to fad dog food trends like dog lifestyle foods, dog breed specific foods and hypoallergenic dog foods. It seems that commercial dog food makers, celebrities, internet websites and others are constantly blasting us with “must eat” foods to ensure the health of our dogs. But, why must they eat them? How are they miraculous? We need to put on our “child goggles” to evaluate these claims.

 Girl Feeding Dog - How to Judge What is the Best Dog Food

  Why Do We Eat? It is not food dogs need. It is what is in food that they…

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