Goodbye Dear

I knew keeping those leaflets and handouts from HK Pet Exhibitions would be handy. After flicking through one brochure today, I stumbled across a featured advert from



Not that Mylo is in any bad shape, but Goodbye Dear offers a complete funeral service for your beloved pet.

From what little Chinese I know (and Google isn’t much help), and looking at the pretty pictures, it seems that they will organize everything, including transporting, the service, and even if you wanted to keep a little bit of your pets DNA, paw print, ashes or some kind of memento.



And freakishly, a taxidermy service, if you choose to have your beloved stuffed.

You could even choose to have a Chinese funeral service, complete with burning paper versions of your pet’s favourite food.



It seems that their service is very prompt, with a 2 hour reply time, and pick up of your deceased pet within 24 hours.

Losing a pet can be a very stressful time, with services like Goodbye Dear, at least you you can begin your mourning without having to deal with extra unnecessary hassle.



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