On-Going Maintenance…..

It seems that there has been a lot of changes to WordPress.com in the last 6 months. Visually, adding new posts is more of a challenge now, but there are parts of this blog which has either stopped working or has hit a bug somewhere along the line.

On the main page, I used to have a nice feed from HKDR on the widgets sidebar which constantly updated any news (especially dogs up for adoption) from HKDR’s Facebook page, but now its complete disappeared.

An annoying bug is that it seems that after I have added a new post, Publicize no longer push to post to my linked accounts such as Facebook, Timblr, Google+, etc. I have to manually do these myself!

Another ‘new feature’ thats getting my knickers in a twist is when adding a featured image to a new post, I now don’t have to capability to select from my existing already uploaded media library within my WordPress account.


So please bear with us (Mylo and me!) for the next few weeks as I try to get to grips with this new look WordPress.com, and I hope I can get all the features I had previously back again.






If you have any tips on how to get these functions back, please leave a reply message!


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