Doggie supplies in Hong Kong (part 2)

A few weeks ago, I posted up an article called Doggie Supplies in Hong Kong (part 1), at the end of the article I promised I would write another article regarding ordering doggie supplies online. So here it is!

Hong Kong’s public transports is brilliant, it relatively clean, cheap and efficient. Having said that, venturing out to buy bags and bags of supplies for you dog can be a very tiresome task; not only do you have to carry the load, you will also have to combat the hoards of people everywhere. So it can be a godsend for many to be able to order their doggie supplies and have them delivered to their front door.

You might work hours which means its not convenient for you to get to a pet store in time. Ordering online usually lets you set certain times for the delivery to be made, ensuring someone is home to pick up the delivery.

Another benefit is pricing and range available. Goods online tend to be slightly cheaper, and several online shops offer discount is your order comes to a certain amount. Without having to pay extortionate rent for ground floor shops, online shops can afford to have larger storage areas holding a bigger array of goods than what a small ground floor shop can ever display.


Having went to HK PETEXPO 2013 yesterday, I managed to talk to several online pet store owners, and received quite a lot of leaflets and business cards from them:


m_header actually has a small shop in To Kwa Wan. On their front page they have a time table showing what days they deliver to certain areas of Hong Kong.  They offer a membership scheme in which you can accumulate points on your purchase to spend on future orders, and their delivery charges are waived if you spend over HK$250 (unless you live in the small islands or Tung Chung). Once you’ve placed an order, you can track your order via their website.



Dog One Life sells itself as a Japanese pet store. They offer a variety of services including home delivery, pet grooming, photo-shoots, training courses (I’m not sure if this is the dog or for the owners!), a dog bakery and much much more. My Chinese is near non-existent, but there’s an image on their website, and I think they have their own Android app available in the Google Play Store from which you can easily order deliveries, and using the app gives you a 12% discount.



Pet Pet Express sells all sorts of doggie accessories, you should have seen their stand at PETEXPO, it was just crammed for of goodies. Unfortunately their website seems to be in Chinese only, no English version, but I did manage to see table listing amount you need to spend for free delivery, and deliver tastes to different areas of Hong Kong; HK Island and North New Territories get deliveries between 4pm and 8pm, whilst the rest of Hong Kong is 7pm to 10pm.



APE: Accessories of Pet Express regards themselves as one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use online shopping resources for pet owners, not only do they stock doggie supplies, but also for cats, guinea pigs, birds, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets….the list goes on and on! If you place an order with them before noon, they offer same day delivery, and delivery charges are waived if you spend just HK$100 or more.



ePet sells Paul Frank doggie accessories……just don’t let my GF know! They offer a price match on their goods, so if you find the same product sold elsewhere at a lower price, they’ll match it. Delivery charges are waived for order over HK$200. You can also Whatsapp them to place your order!



Pet Project has a huge selection for dogs and cats. If you refer a friend to order from them, you will receive a HK$50 discount coupon. Delivery charges are waived for orders over HK$200, deliveries do take 2-4 days, and no deliveries on a Sunday.


That’s a good list of online doggie shops, you’ll probably find everything that you are looking for from at least one of these online shops. If you have a recommendation which is not listed, please feel free to email me or make a comment below.


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