Today was the 1st day of the HK PETEXPO 2013, held in Kowloon Bay. Being my only day off during the 3 day event, it was a chance too good to miss out. Having been to Crufts in UK for several years, I wanted to see how a Hong Kong pet accessories exhibition would compare, especially knowing how mad Hong Kong people can be in regards to their pet dogs.

The day did not start well. I don’t know why, but I kept think the PETEXPO was held in Wanchai for the last few days, so imagine my surprise when I got into the main lobby of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre only to find that the PETEXPO was not listed, and on searching online using my smartphone that it was actually over in Kowloon Bay.

PETEXPO 2013 is being held in KITEC, Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre (yes, I noticed there’s no B as well). It’s a little to of the way, from Kowloon Bay MTR station, you need to go out via exit A, then walk for ages through sections of Telford Plaza before you get to Hang Seng Tower where there are frequent coaches to shuttle you to KITEC.

As soon as I arrived at KITEC, I knew this was the correct place, there were plenty of dog owners and their dogs walking about outside. Entry fee was only HK$10, or if you joined some type of membership which I didn’t quite catch then entry would have been free, you then get a doggie tramp stamp on the back of your hand and in you go.

PETEXPO stands

The stands were laid out in a square grid, much like Crufts. It was only one hall, with approx 30 stands and a stage area. A lot of these stands were the local Hong Kong dog charities like SPCA, HKDR, NPV, etc. Amongst these stands were a few upper market organic pet food stands and local smaller pet stores.


Its wasn’t too crowded, a lot of visitors bought their pet dogs along, so I need to plan ahead for next year and bring Mylo along with me, he’d love it. The organizers set aside several areas for dogs to in to wee and poo.



Eventhough there is only 30 or so stands, there is a lot to see. I tried to speak to as many stand organizers as possible, picking up business cards and flyer which I’ll go over tomorrow night. Lots of weird and wonderful pet accessories on sale.

There were lots of doggie prams:



There was one store selling these weird doggie carriers…….I had to pick one up for Mylo!


During the exhibition, I saw several dog owner carrying their dogs in some kind of sling. Then I saw them for sale and had to buy one as well!


One stand my GF would love to see more is the Venture Photography stand. They do professional studio shot photos of your pet:


Through the time I was at PETEXPO, there was constantly speakers on the stage area. I stopped for 10 minutes during one speaker, and I left the stage are after that with my eyes nearly in tears. The speaker was talking about stray dogs, in particular on Lion Rock mountain. He was part of NPV who has recorded over 500 stray dogs there. He showed photos of injured strays, and how his organization are aiming to castrate the stray dogs.


I made it a priority to visit the charity stands, sign all the petitions they had, and bought at least one merchandise from them.

There was even one large stand which displayed a lot of crystal pendants and ornaments. On closer examination, it was a business which cremated your deceased dog and formed crystals from the remains as a keepsake! In the end I filled a shopping bag and my rucksack full of doggie accessories and treats for Mylo. For treats, I concentrated on a lot of fish products which I know Mylo loves, and are very good for his joints. Did I mention I bought Mylo some disposable Protex Pawz (doggie rubber boots!)?!

Pawz Size Guide

I thoroughly recommend PETEXPO to any dog owners out there in HK, and for those that don’t own a dog, NPV’s stand also had puppies there that were ready for adoption. I will definitely go back next year, hopefully with Mylo!

Oh, I did buy a tough toy for Mylo, the seller said it would last at least 40 hours. I just gave it Mylo as I was typing this blog entry, and he’s already ripped it to shreds…..!


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