Mylo had leg cramp

A few nights ago, Mylo was just lying around on the floor when he started cramping in one of his hind legs. I didn’t notice it at first, Mylo always likes a good stretch, so I thought it was him stretching out. But after 20 minutes or so, I wandered over and noticed he was in a little discomfort. A bit of massage and stretching, and Mylo was back on his legs again. That evening, he was gingerly going up and down the stairs to the rooftop, but running about was OK.

This was his second time getting leg muscle cramps. The first time I was not present. My GF and flatmate took Oreo and Mylo for a short hike. It was pretty hot that day, and Mylo being himself was sprinting around non stop. He started getting heat stroke and cramped up. My flatmate took him into a nearby stream to cool off, and then quickly took him to see a vet, who said he was OK but to keep him hydrated.

Apparently, leg cramps in dogs are a common occurrence. They can be caused from simple over-exercise or maybe from some serious underlying problems.

Identifying a Leg Cramp

Because dogs cannot vocalize when they are experiencing pain or cramps, you’ll need to watch your pet’s behavior for signs that he may have a leg cramp of some kind. Watch for the following symptoms of a cramped muscle:

  • Limping Difficulty getting up or lying down
  • Slow movements
  • Howls of pain upon walking or moving
  • Refusal to run or unresponsiveness in general
  • Pain to the touch

Leg cramps normally go away on their own, but if its prolonged, or frequent, then its time to take your beloved dogs to see a vet as soon as possible.


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