Dogs and farts….

There’s times Mylo will walk into the room, and seconds later the whole place stinks of dog poo. Dogs fart, and thats a fact! I’ve sometimes wondered why all the dog farts I’ve ever encounter has been SBDs (Silent But Deadly), never a loud rip. And must it always smells so bad???

Well, some (very bored) researcher in the UK have written a paper on dog farts, titled; Development of a technique for the vivo assessment of flatulence in dogs……..I kid you not! The abstract of which you can read here. I guess being in Melton Mowbray does rot the brains a bit, but they came up with some strange equipment to carry out tests on 8 adult dogs:

Fart suit


Which brings us nicely to the question of ‘Why do dogs fart?’ Luckily, Just Food For Dogs has the answer:

“Gas and increased fecal output is usually a sign of indigestion of some sort.  Thus, flatulence and increase fecal output may be signs that your dog is having trouble digesting his/her food.  Although there are also some disease that could cause these signs and those must be considered, many times, simply upgrading the diet to a more bioavailable, higher quality diet will resolve the gas and fecal volume problem.”


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