Boycott the bad breeders

“Tigger, Jo Jo and Rocky, the lovely ‘rescued’ puppies featured in these videos, are the lucky ones. Hundreds and thousands more are still being bred in the most appalling conditions in puppy factories hidden from public eye across Hong Kong. While current proposals finally mean that all dog breeders will have to be licensed, we believe that only by demanding the buyer’s right to visit the breeder can we boycott the bad breeder. Only then can we end this trade in cruelty!”

Visit their site and sign the online petition: Boycott the bad breeder



  • Puts dogs’ welfare first
  • Breeds only a few dogs
  • Only mature dogs mated
  • Rested after every pregnancy
  • Retired to a good home
  • Spacious communal living area
  • Fit and healthy pups
  • Regular vet inspections
  • Interviews every customer


  • Puts profits first
  • Puppy factory mass production
  • Mates when still only a puppy
  • Bred to exhaustion, constantly
  • Often worked to death
  • Stacked in tiny cages 24/7
  • Weak, deformed, often in-bred
  • Hides from all authorities
  • Sells to anyone, even via internet



You can also buy their T-shirt from their website to help support the cause




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