Control of dogs in Hong Kong’s country parks

Before I start blogging about where you can take you dogs in Hong Kong to have a run around, I’m going to highlight some of the guidelines set by the AFCD about how you should control your dog(s) when in one of Hong Kong’s country parks or special areas:


  1. Dog owners must guard their dog(s) to avoid causing nuisance to the others.
  2. Always keep your dog(s) under effective control and within sight. Ways to control dog(s) may include voice commanding and leashing.
  3. Do not let your dog(s) approach or chase after other persons. Tighten your control over your dog(s0 if children or disabled persons are met.
  4. According to the Country Parks and Special Areas Regulations (Cap. 208, Sub-leg. A), it is an offence not to or unable to keep your dog under control within the country park or special area. To ignore the request of other person for stopping your dog from causing nuisance may also constitute an offence.
  5. Prevent your dog from wandering. Put it on a leash when you take it out.
  6. Do not allow your dog to bark and disturb others.
  7. Clean up after your dog and dispose of dog faeces in a sanitary manner.
  8. Do not allow your dog to worry or attack other people or animals. If it is aggressive, muzzle it when you take it out.


dog_control_posterClick on the picture for enlarged view of the poster


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