Fostering and sponsoring in Hong Kong

In my last blog entry where I looked at dog adoption in Hong Kong, right at the end I briefly mentioned dog fostering and sponsoring. In this entry, I hope to give you guys a better insight into fostering and sponsoring in Hong Kong.

Taken from LAP:

“Foster means looking after a rescued, orphaned or recovering animal for a short time. Choosing to foster is a great community service. The best part is having the satisfaction of hearing a purr or seeing a wagging tail and knowing you have given an animal second chance.

Keeping an adoptable animal temporarily in your home is a vital step in the adoption process.”


In a lot of cases, animal organizations like LAP and HKDR just do not have endless funds to provide food, shelter and care to all their animals. Fostering means you can take certain animals off their hands for a short period of time, freeing up resources that can be used by other animals.

Some animals may have been neglected and or abused, being fostered these animals get to have some personal attention, which aids greatly if they are ever to be adopted. Foster homes will also provide more confidence to the more shy animals, and if the foster home already has other animals living there, these can be good playmates which helps the animals socialize even more.



A few of the HK doggie organizations ask for people to sponsor a few of their animals. From looking around, these poor animals tend to fall into the following categories:

  • Require long term medical care
  • Urgent veterinary attention needed
  • Older dogs which have a much less chance of getting adopted

Any donations to these charities/organizations are greatly appreciated. Just even a few dollars can make a difference to a dog’s wellbeing.


The last thing I need to mention is voluntary work. Most of these organizations have so many dogs on their hands, and they are finding it difficult to cope on a daily basis. Voluntary work can cover things like:

  • Dog walking
  • DIY skills around the centres
  • Admin skills to help with the paperwork
  • Helping with events
  • Helping with publicity

Every little helps. So if you’ve got some spare time, why not contact these doggie organizations and see what you can do to help!


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