Dogs and living space in Hong Kong (part 2)

In the first part of this article Dogs and living space in Hong Kong, I talked about living in village houses and normal flats. In this part, I’ll look at walk ups and other varying factors you might take into consideration when deciding on where to live with your pet dog in Hong Kong.


Walk ups

Walk ups are flats which have no lifts, just stairs. You may find some walk ups being only 3 stories high, but its not unheard of where some walk ups go up to 12 stories! That’s a lot of leg stamina needed! As you go further up, rentals tend to be cheaper, but can you or your dog hack walking up and down many flights of stairs everyday?

This type of accommodation tend to be in much older buildings, but can be hidden gems. Older buildings in Hong Kong have more functional space inside them, more square and ceilings can be quite high. So for a 400 square feet walk up apartment, you’ll feel you get 30-40% more room than a apartment flat of the same size.


Walk up apartments on the left of the escalator on Staunton Street

You will find walk up apartments general in 2 types of areas of Hong Kong; the more local older areas, and the more expat areas of Hong Kong.

The more local older areas are the likes of TST, To Kwa Wan, Hung Hom, Olympic, Yau Ma Tei, Sham Shui Po, etc. These areas very busy, crammed full of people and traffic, and importantly, you may find it hard to locate any dog friendly walk/play areas in the vicinity; you may find the odd small park here and there, but these are geared towards the people of the local community rather than for pets.

The more expat areas where you can kind walk ups are Kennedy Town, Sai Yin Pun, Tin Hau, Sai Kung, Mid Levels, etc. Rents here would be might higher due to the more desirable location, you’ll find a lot more space outside, and lots more pet friendly areas.


Don’t be fooled by the ragged, old appearance of the buildings, some walk up apartments have been renovated by the landlords to ultra modem standards.

NYT2You will find some walk up apartments which have had internal walls knocked down


A modern bedroom, note the glass panel partitioning


Some walk up apartments will have addition ‘perks’ such as an included rooftop, patio areas, and even gardens.

metro-metro-servicedSome patio areas run the length of the building

roof_vA modern walk up apartment rooftop. Even in compact areas you can still make a lot of room for your dog




Walk up apartment sizes can vary from just a few hundred square feet to several thousand square feet. When I was still planning the move from UK to Hong Kong, I nearly had the opportunity to live in my nan’s old walk up apartment in Mongkok, which is approximately 2000 square feet, with 3 double bedrooms, a huge lounge, a huge dining room that easily accommodates a large table that can sit 1o people, bathroom, kitchen and a maid’s room.

Mylo and I now live in a walk up apartment. Luckily for my aging legs, its on the 5th floor, just about doable, and the 6th floor a wide open rooftop of I’d say approximately 2800 square feet!  Apartment from the odd person hanging up their clothes up on the rooftop, no one ever goes up there, so Mylo gets to run and play up there. I try to keep it nice and clean, so I don’t have to worry about fleas or mites getting to Mylo.


With all accommodation in Hong Kong, as its a hot and humid country, nearly all flooring are hard surfaces, ranging from resin, tiles and marble. So remember to trim the fur between your dog’s paws, or they’ll just slide everywhere. It may look fun for the dogs, but you are risking long term injuries on the dogs’ leg joints.

That’s all from me on this topic, but I’m sure I’ll be adding to it in the future. Maybe there will be a Part 3!?!


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