Mylo’s doggie accessories

Mylo has gone through his fair share of fancy clothing accessories, once again you can blame my GF for that.

There was one time we were browsing in Harrods, when my GF spotted a matching set of Swarovski crystal dog collar and leash. If I’m not mistaken, it looked very much like this one:



….and if I do recall correctly, it was in pink as well……! Luckily, it only last a few days, as Mylo chewed through it, unluckily for me, it wasn’t cheap.


Not to be outwitted, my GF then bought this collar:


All I can say is that least its in blue. Mylo still has that collar hidden somewhere.

Then we decided to get Mylo some shoes for his paws, as he would get very mucky paws after a walk with the long fur he had around his legs.:


They didn’t last long either, as they’d just come off one by one after just several minutes of walking about.


Mylo does have a pair of doggie sunglasses stored away somewhere, I reckon he’d look really cool in them:



Oh, how could I forget……Mylo also has a range of doggie neckerchiefs!! Luckily for him, and for me, they’re still in some of the storage boxes we shipped over from UK.




I’m sure, what with the crazy Hong Kong market for pet’s clothing, Mylo’s wardrobe will grow exponentially very soon! In fact, I’m sure my GF has her eye on a Gucci dog collar for Mylo!


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