Doggie supplies in Hong Kong (part 1)

From canned dog food to kibbles, chewy rawhides to exotic Japanese dog biscuits, puppy pads to pet odour eliminators, where should you go to get these in Hong Kong? I hope this article can answer all this, highlighting areas in Hong Kong and what out to look out for.

Pet Shops

You are not going to find big pet stores in Hong Kong, like Pets at Home in UK, there’s too much competition from smaller shops and rent is extortionate here. Large retail spaces will be swallowed up by big Hong Kong chain stores, most probably some jewelry store, who have to finance to pay for these large rental spaces.

There several clusters of pet stores in Hong Kong, with some more concentrated than others. The biggest cluster, and probably the most famous one is the Goldfish Market in Mongkok on Tung Choi Street. The closest MTR exit is B2 of Prince Edward. As the name suggests, there’s everything you want to find for keeping marine fishes, corals, cold water goldfishes, tropicals fishes and even reptiles such as snakes, iguanas, geckos, turtles and tortoises, with even the likes of scorpions on display. Squeezed in-between these fish and reptile shops, you’ll find over a dozen pet shops selling all sorts of goodies for your dog.

Small bags containing goldfishes for sale

Several of these pet shops also sells puppies, even though they are all cute and cuddle, do manage to restrain yourself and not take these puppies home, I’ll cover the reasoning behind this in an article in the future.

Puppies for sale in Mong Kok

Please try and resist taking a cute and cuddle puppy home

Here in these pet shops, you’ll find some which are more ‘classier’ (i.e. being more expensive and stocking more branded ranges), to ones which only sell organic dog foods, and ones which I feel are more ‘local, containing all vast range of items, be they be imported from Europe, Australia, USA and Japan.


A typical layout of a pet store in Hong Kong

In Mongkok itself, there is also another small cluster of pet shops along Victory Avenue (I couldn’t find a Google Map link to Victory Avenue, but I linked to a pet shop on it instead). You will find only a handful of pet shops here, but there are several veterinarians here. These pet shops tend to be quieter than the ones in Goldfish Market, and most of them you’ll find they offer a pet grooming service.

I have heard conflicting arguments on whether puppies sold in Victory Avenue should be bought, I’ll talk about it some other time.

One more small cluster of pet shops in Hong Kong that is worth a mention is Wood Road in Wanchai. The pet shops here are quite spread apart, so you do need to hunt them down. These  shops tend to have a more upmarket feel to them, and I have found prices here for the same products being more expensive, maybe being on the Hong Kong island these shop cater more for the expat and middle-upper case communities.

I nearly forgot, if you own a car or you want to venture out into the New Territories, make a beeline with your dog to Yuen Long. There’s two main clusters of pet shops; the area around Yuen Long Tai Cheong Street, and the area around Sai Yu Street.

Here you’ll find lots more pet shops, veterinarians and dog groomers. Prices here are definitely the cheapest I’ve found in Hong Kong, and the shop keepers are much more nicer here. When I’ve taken Mylo into dog groomers in Yuen Long, I’ve never had to book in advance, the pace here is just a bit more laid back than the hustle and bustle of Kowloon and Hong Kong island.


Pet shops in Yuen Long tend to be a bit smaller, but don’t let their shop size fool you!

There are the odd smattering of pet shops in Hong Kong which I haven’t covered, and you’ll probably the majority of them in New Territory areas such as Tai Po, Fanling and Sheung Shui. If I could name them all, the list would be endless.

In the next part of this article, I’ll try and cover as much about online ordering both from within Hong Kong and from abroad as possible. Stay tuned!


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