Fishy business

Back in 2010, one morning Mylo was just limping around yelping. You could see he was trying not to put weight on one of his hind legs. Just brushing his leg and he’d flinching and yelp. We quickly rushed him to our local Blacks vet to have it seen to. The vet put Mylo under a general anesthetic so that he could X-ray Mylo’s leg.

Luckily, Mylo came home fine. The vet could see and damage, he put it down to Mylo being a big pansy……. This is what he looked like after coming home:



Anyway, that started me to research into Mylo’s dietary supplements for his bones and joints. King Charles Cavalier spaniels have a known problem with joints in latter years, especially with their knees. It didn’t help that my house didn’t have any carpets, just all polished wooden floor, Mylo would just skid around the house. Trimming the furs between his paws helped a bit.

I started feeing Mylo fish based snacks which contained fish oils. At Crufts I bought a large bags of dried sand eels. They were about 3 inches in length and Mylo loved them. I’d feed him one or two a day as treat.



For other treats and kibble, we found the Fish4Dogs brand very good. Their fishy snacks came in several sizes, so it wasn’t hard to find the right ones for Mylo without filling him up between his meals.


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